Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Y o u r W o r d s M y L o v e

. . . . your words my love . . . .
your words can make me melt
like an ice in mouth,
you melt me just with one
it can cause my heart blooming with cherish, excitement
whenever it is.
how powerful you are my love..

I don't need other word to be fall for you
bcoz since you say the one word,
I'm already fall for you..a long time ago~


now, the words I used to hear,
doesn't belong to me...I don't know if I'm still relevant
to accept the words..
you keep me confuse..!

nowadays, your words keep hurting me
from time to time..
without you even notice it
 I don't know how long it is,but I hope this wont be long
..deep inside my heart there still love for you..

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